Our Programmes

Lakshya is committed to holistic community development through programs that leave a lasting impact. Our initiatives encompass river cleaning, education empowerment, and effective waste management. We actively engage with communities, imparting knowledge and fostering environmental stewardship. Together, we strive for a cleaner environment, educated youth, and responsible waste practices.


At the heart of our mission lies ADHAAR, a program dedicated to spreading quality education to the last mile children of the community. Through our ADHAAR CENTER in rural as well as urban India, we provide free tuition classes and scholarship support to the students to break the economic, social and infrastructure hurdles between a curious child and learning for a better future. Children of grade 1 to 12 are covered under this program. Children under the program get routine health care, career guidance, and personality development sessions. Children are exposed to various physical and mental activities to harness the power of the human mind and body. Since its inception, more than 800 children have benefited from this program, with 120 children currently actively studying at our ADHAAR CENTER. Our ADHAAR CENTERs are becoming more education friendly, technologically evolved, resourceful, and cheerful with time.


A woman is the center of a family and an empowered woman creates a stable and productive family. With this belief, Lakshya VAIDEHI Program focuses to empower women through literacy programs, skill development, and personality development. Through regular health care, workshops on family health, hygiene, and sanitation, VAIDEHI Program makes our women team healthy, self-sufficient and confident. We facilitate income generation through self-help groups, ensuring women’s progress in every aspect of their lives. VAIDEHI women are leading projects in diverse fields from small home grown businesses to a decent entrepreneurship. More than 125 women have benefitted from the program and these numbers keep on growing with time.


Clean and healthy environment is the primary requisite for a productive, sustainable and wealthy society. In our pursuit of a clean and healthy environment, we undertake active participation in efforts but not limited to tree plantation drives, vertical gardens development, and biodiversity survey and conservation. We also work to rejuvenate water bodies through our pond revival programs, water quality testing and improvement in rural and urban areas. We are open to collaboration with government, industries, institutions and individuals to clean water bodies including big rivers like Ganga river and Yamuna river, small ponds of villages; to reduce air pollution, to spread awareness about noise through community engagement and sustainable methods.


Disposal and management of the waste are a growing problem of the urban and suburban towns. It is also penetrating in the villages and causing menace. VAIMALYA program focuses on cleanliness and waste management models with the promise of litter free India inspired by Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan of Government of India. We work with municipalities, village panchayats and local organizations to implement location specific and sustainable waste management models for effective disposal of waste. We follow the principles of zero waste and circular economy not only to manage the waste but also create opportunities for the communities. We actively participate and collaborate to spread awareness on understanding the concept of waste, waste generation source, different waste segregation methods, waste to products practices and many more. We work with local sanitary staff including both formal and informal and make their work efficient and healthy by awareness, capacity building and providing appropriate tools. We install plastic waste banks in collaboration with agencies and communities to proper collection, segregation and disposal of plastic waste. Our Plastic Café initiative rewards users for submitting plastic bottles at the plastic waste bank which discourage the habit of littering.

Litter Free India

The program has been initiated with the sole purpose of creating awareness amongst members of Residential Welfare Associations (REAs) Students, Teachers, and other staff of schools, colleges, and universities to manage and recycle everyday waste. 

Under this program we   

  • Connect rag pickers and door to door garbage collectors to segregate the waste plastic at source. Presently around 150 rag pickers and door to door garbage collectors are associated with Lakshya across the Delhi- NCR.
  • Install plastic banks at public places, common public areas, schools, colleges, etc. We have installed and managed 50 such plastic banks in key areas in Delhi during Durga Pooja and in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Mahotsav.
  • Opened Plastic Café to collect the waste plastic from users. Currently, we operate this café in Delhi and different cities of Uttar Pradesh such as where we provide a cup of tea for every 5 plastic bottles deposited in the cafes.


Under CHARCHA, we facilitate knowledge sharing through webinars, seminars, and conferences, bringing together experts and thought leaders in social and environmental fields. CHARCHA not only helps us to evolve with society, sustainability and science but also links us with the experts, professionals. CHARCHA program is a research oriented program to explore current needs, demands and social priorities of the new generations. We collaborate with universities, academic institutions and industrial setups to gather knowledge and technology at one place. Through this, We also conduct awareness drives on various issues, including government regulations, social matters, and environmental concerns, using creative approaches like Nukkad Natak, Puppet Shows, Role Plays, and competitions.